The following is an example of a proceedings for a Naming Ceremony:

  1. Welcome and introduction by the Celebrant
  2. Poem &/or readings- possibly by a relative or friend
  3. Acknowledgement of Grandparents
  4. Acknowledgement of Parents (can include verbal pledge/commitments)
  5. Godparents with verbal pledge/commitments
  6. Symbolic Rituals (optional)- For example, the candle-lighting ceremony
  7. Wishes for the child for their future. Can be inclusions from other parties/guests
  8.  Acknowledgement of other special people
  9. Naming ceremony dedication to the child.
    (i.e. Jack and Jill, please repeat after me: We love you, and we proudly name you John Smith.  We will call you John Smith.  We wish for you, a long life and happiness in a loving and peaceful world)
  10. Another reading or poem
  11. Extinguishing of candle (optional)
  12. Concluding message and final declaration
  13. Presentation of certificate

A naming ceremony can be used if you do not want a religious ritual, but would like to acknowledge and celebrate your child’s arrival into the world.

You may choose to have godparents or guardians included in the ceremony.  Symbolic inclusions such as a balloon release, a book for guests to sign with wishes for the future, lighting of candles, readings, poetry etc. It is entirely up to you. Your Name Giving Ceremony can be your own personal creation that I will help you design, so that we end up with a ceremony that is just perfect for your needs, or if you prefer, I can design the ceremony for you.

Naming Ceremony Precedings

Celebrancy by Alexandra

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